We honor those who are serving to protect our nation's freedom.
Fort Riley is just a few miles from Manhattan, and we are blessed to have a number of both active and retired military families in the congregation.  Some are with us for a relatively short period of time before being transferred elsewhere.  Part of our assignment is to take each one where they are and help them develop their faith stronger than it was when they came.  As they eventually move on, they will continue to grow and mature in the things of God, having been firmly established on a strong foundation while here.
We desire to be supportive of the families who have a husband or wife deployed overseas.  We welcome those who stay and embrace the church as a part of their larger family while a loved one is away.  Our cell groups are especially good places of helpful and loving support.
When members are deployed, a photo bulletin board in the sanctuary serves as a reminder to us all to pray especially for them and for their families.

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